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Everyone deserves architecture, no matter how big or small the budget is. We offer the following scale of services to help you on your way;



So you know you want an architecturally designed residence? If you love design as much as we do and want something that is uniquely yours, this one's for you. We like to think of our work as being inspired by our clients ideas, and we love working closely with people to ensure their vision is woven into the design from the first meeting. We think that the relationship between architects and clients is a special one, so we'd love to meet with you and discuss your project to see if we are a good fit before you make any commitments with us. Click here to make a time to meet with us.



Want an architect but not sure that you have the budget? We have been developing a range of services to help people who love design, but can't afford the price tag. Some of these options include a range of project homes designed by us for New Resident (a series of contemporary, architect-designed residences), and a reduced services package to help you on your way to council approvals. If you would like to discuss medium help with us, click here.



Have you got a set of plans for a project home or from a draftsman and need a fresh set of eyes? Are you thinking about building or renovating, or purchasing a property and just want some help to collate your ideas? Architects are professionals like lawyers and doctors, and sometimes an hour or two spent with us is enough to help you avoid the pitfalls that come with building and renovating. We offer ourselves and all our knowledge in small amounts so you can feel comfortable that you're heading in the right direction. We charge a fee of $250 per hour + GST and the average consult time is around 1 hour if you bring your project to our studio, or 2 hrs if you require an onsite architectural visit. If you would like to discuss small help with us, click here.